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Whether you’re just starting your company or you’re looking for a more affordable insurance policy, trust the Insurance Agency of Montana to help you find the best deal. We can shop for all kinds of commercial insurance plans in Billings, Montana. With sufficient coverage, you’ll be able to protect your company no matter what kind of disaster strikes.

Reach out to us today to start exploring your options for business interruption insurance in or around Billings, Montana.

What will your policy cover?

What will your policy cover?

We’ll help you find the perfect plan for your company. Basic commercial insurance will cover:

  • Profit loss following a disaster
  • Property damage claims
  • Employee lawsuits

We can also help you find a plan that includes workers’ compensation. This will cover lost wages and medical treatment for employees who suffer work-related injuries. Workers’ comp can also help your employees recover and get back to work.

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